Building a first team mindset

June 28, 2018

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Building a first team mindset

Jason Wong, formerly Senior Director of Engineering at Blink Health, explains how to facilitate a mindset among your managers that elevates management quality and increases organizational performance.

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The theory of constraints' "five focusing steps" in action

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe, Consultant at Nayima, shares a simple and powerful framework to guide process improvement.

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Your "high bar" is wrecking your team

Brandon Hays, Engineering Manager at AffiniPay, with the pitfalls of “bar-setting” — and how you (whether you’re a contributor or a manager) can influence a change in your company’s culture.

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Consumer vs enterprise product management

"The path to burnout is paved with customizations,” says Pritam Roy, Product Manager at Vymo. Here, he outlines the “absolute ‘must know’ for enterprise product managers.”

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When it comes to feedback, start with yourself

Alicia Liu, VP of Engineering at Nava PBC, draws from past experiences as well as resources like “Radical Candor” and “Crucial Conversations” and compiles a comprehensive piece on effectively giving and receiving feedback.

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