Disrupting Bias in Feedback

October 18, 2019

Engineering Impact is a weekly newsletter that highlights trends in engineering leadership, productivity, culture, and scaling development teams.

This week features posts on: 

  • Disrupting Bias in Feedback
  • Thriving on the Technical Leadership Path 
  • Tackling the Challenges of Remote Work
  • Two Modes of Thinking
  • How We Run Hack Week on a Remote Team. 



Disrupting Bias in Feedback

Jill Wetzler (@JillWetzler), Head of Engineering at Pilot, offers a list of common patterns of bias, such as “Prove It Again” and “The Tightrope,” and offers tactical approaches to disrupt each.

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Managing From Afar: How This Engineering Manager Tackles the Challenges of Remote Work

Remote work provides the advantage of drawing from a broad, diverse talent pool but it can also exacerbate existing communication issues. Here's Nassim Kammah (@kepioo), Sr. Engineering Manager at Elastic, on how to eliminate the friction involved in remote and distributed work.  

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Thriving on the Technical Leadership Path

Keavy McMinn (@keavy), Senior Principal Engineer at Fastly, sheds light on some of the obstacles ICs can face along the technical leadership path, and offers a list of types of strategic work that senior ICs do. A helpful piece for both ICs and companies looking to build out their technical leadership career paths. 

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Focused and Diffuse: Two Modes of Thinking

There’s been lots written about “flow states” and how to get into those deeply focused sessions at work, but what of the way our minds are working when we’re not deeply focused and are instead gazing out or mind-wandering? We might feel guilty when we’re in “diffuse” mode at work, like we’re taking a break, but this post offers a counterpoint: “it’s a necessary part of creating something valuable… We master the details in focused mode, then comprehend how everything fits together in diffuse mode. It’s about combining creativity with execution.”

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How We Run Hack Week on a Remote Team

Marcus Wermuth (@mwermuth), Mobile Lead at Buffer, outlines how they run remote hackathons and explains how they’ve improved the process over time. 

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