How to set the technical direction for your team

May 25, 2017

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This week: Setting the technical direction for your team, how to NOT manage people, advice for the founding engineer, what slows dev teams.


long-term and short-term technical direction planning


How to Set the Technical Direction for Your Team

James Hood, a Sr. Developer at Amazon, on how to establish long-term and short-term technical direction, so that every member of the team understands how their current work contributes to the overall plan.

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CEO of NomNom on the best way to lead


What I've Learned About Not Managing People

“It took me many burnouts and failures as a leader to finally understand that the best way to manage people is not to manage them at all.”
— Sofia Quintero, CEO NomNom Insights



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guidance for carrying the weight of a startup


Advice for the Founding Engineer

Pete Hodgson, Engineering Lead at Earnest, introduces and unpacks the maxim, “You’ll Never Know Less Than You Know Right Now” with concrete guidance for carrying the heavy weight of a startup. (Part 1 of 3)


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what slows development teams


What slows development teams

Perception of what slows down development teams varies wildly among software professionals. Brian Graham, founder of Stata Group, proposes that meaningful data cuts through office politics and subjectivity, and takes the guesswork out of success .


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