Blender Tutorial: Creating Your First Dynamics Simulation

Dynamics is a huge part of the 3D production pipeline. It's used to create complex simulations like buildings crumbling, water being poured into a glass and more. While complex algorithms calculate the results, it takes a lot of planning and fine tuning to get a dynamics simulation to look how you want. Blender not only has a robust modeling, animation, rigging and texturing toolkit, it also has a powerful dynamics engine that's capable of simulating everything from hair, cloth, fluid and more. You can access the physics engine in Blender by going to the properties panel and locating the physics panel. The physics panel has everything you'll need for creating a dynamics simulation in Blender. This quick Blender tutorial will focus on setting up a cloth simulation inside of Blender. While this particular tutorial focuses just on cloth, there'll be more released that dive deeper into the physics simulations in Blender and we'll look at different simulations like smoke, fluid and more so be sure to keep your eyes on the Blog for more great Blender video tutorials, and visit the Digital-Tutors library to dive deeper into Blender with project-based training.