How to Change Microsoft Office 2010 Product Activation Keys

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When I create videos or do crazy things on my desktop PC, I end up installing operating systems and applications over and over. Recently I rebuilt my desktop PC and, in doing so, opted to install Microsoft Office 2010.

I like the new interface but was having an annoying error every time I started any Office application. I was told that I needed to perform Office 2010 license activation over the Internet but when I did that, the activation would fail. The error was occurring because I had already activated Office using this key too many times.

The specific error that I kept getting was:

"Your copy of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 cannot be activated because the specified product key has already been activated the maximum number of times permitted..."

Unfortunately, the activation wizard gave me no option to enter a new key, only to call Microsoft. I did, in fact, call Microsoft. I entered, over the phone, a zillion characters and was finally told (just by an automated system) that I need to buy another key. Arg! Still, I was given no obvious way to use a different key and I actually did have another license key that had remaining activations.

After some research, I ran across information on how to change my Office 2010 product activation key and was able to get rid of that annoying message when starting up any Office app (actually, I was told that the apps would stop working soon without proper activation).

In the video above, watch the original error message and how I changed my Office key, step by step, to solve the problem. Enjoy!

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