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Have you ever tried to create an explosive effect for a game engine, and not had a clue where to start? This course, Houdini VFX for Games, will guide you through the entire process using the powerful procedural nature of Houdini and Unreal Engine. First, you'll be creating the textures for...
Virtual Reality is a fast rising industry. In the first quarter of 2016, more than a billion dollars went into the creation of VR content. In this course, CARA VR for NUKE, you'll learn how to use the world's leading high quality stitching software, CARA VR. First, you'll learn what to keep in...
With this course, we'll focus on learning some production-proven techniques for VFX in Maya. We'll learn techniques for creating smoke, flames, melting wax, teleportation effects, and many more. With a bit of time and polish, you can make pretty impressive visual effects in Maya, and this...
In this After Effects tutorial, you'll learn the process of how to create a VFX shot of a meteor. This specific shot was released outside of the Digital-Tutors name and accumulated over 500,000 views on YouTube, Reddit, and other media sites across the globe. The training is provided for free...
Throughout these MARI and NUKE tutorials, we'll focus on how to create a matte painting from a concept, then convert it into an actual camera projection environment. We'll blend all the elements to make the matte painting/camera projection more realistic. Next, we'll learn how to model assets...
Sometimes, when you know a software with a profoundly different workflow from another software with a similar functionality, it can be difficult to make the transition to learn something new. This course, NUKE for After Effects Users, will show you how to use NUKE from the perspective of...
Creating and using digital assets is a key skill you'll want to have in your repertoire if you want to produce high-quality work. This course, Introduction to Houdini Digital Assets, will teach you how to create professional, usable assets for any production pipeline. First, you'll focus on...
In this course, Introduction to 3D in NUKE 10, you'll get to see how to be able to do great CG things without having to open a CG software. You'll get to see how to create and import 3D geometries, how to apply shaders and lights, how to work with cameras, and render nodes. You'll also get to...
In this MARI tutorial, we'll walk through a standard workflow for texturing assets for VFX. We'll take a step-by-step approach through the process, starting with nothing and ending our project by using the MODO renderer integration to perform some look dev on our textures. We'll learn how to...
There are many different techniques available to simulate feature quality dust. In this course, Maya and Fume FX Dust in Production, you will simulate all sorts of dust from a car crash in a production shot. First, you will learn how to automate dust emission using the SOuP plugin. Next, you'll...