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Performing Real-Time Data Analysis with Kinesis

Easily ingesting data from numerous sources and making timely decisions is becoming a critical and core capability for many businesses. In this lab, we provide hands-on experience using Kinesis Data Firehose to capture and load data streams into Amazon S3 and perform near real-time analysis on the stream with Kinesis Data Analytics.

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Clock icon Jan 25, 2021

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Table of Contents

  1. Challenge

    Create a Kinesis Data Firehose Stream

    1. Log in to the AWS Console and navigate to Kinesis Data Firehose.
    2. Create a delivery stream named captains-kfh that will send our space captain scores to a new S3 bucket that you will create.
      • To save time during the lab, set the buffer sizes to the minimum values so data gets flushed from the stream faster. In a real environment, you will need to tune these values based on what you're doing with the data.
      • This lab isn't focused on IAM, so an IAM role named FirehoseDeliveryRole (with some characters for uniqueness) has been provided for this stream. For an extra challenge, you can create your own role.
  2. Challenge

    Send Data to the Stream

    1. Log in to the provided server using the credentials in the lab.
    2. View the script in your user's home directory.
    3. Run the script using Python3 to generate and send data to Firehose. The generated data will be displayed in the terminal.
    4. Back in the AWS Console, monitor the Firehose stream to see data coming in.
      • This may take a minute to begin populating, so refresh a few times if you don't see any data.
    5. Once you see data on the Console, go back to the server and stop the script.
    6. Pull the generated data from S3 onto the server, then inspect it. It should match what was printed in the terminal.
    7. Start the data generating script again so we have data coming into the stream.
  3. Challenge

    Find the Average Captain Ratings

    1. Create a new Kinesis Data Analytics application using the data from the captains-kfh stream.
      • Again, an IAM role has been provided. Feel free to use this, or for the extra challenge, create a new role yourself.
    2. Using the SQL editor, create a query that will show the average rating and total rating of each captain per minute.
    3. Save and run the query.
    4. After about a minute, you will see the results of your query streaming in.
  4. Challenge

    Find Anomalous Captain Ratings

    1. Using the SQL editor, create a query that will rank the incoming captain ratings by how anomalous the rating is, displaying the most anomalous values first.
    2. Save and run the query.
    3. After a few seconds, you will see the results of your query streaming in.

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