Adobe Analytics Fundamentals

by Matthew Pizzi

This course is designed for marketers and analysts looking to understand the benefits of web analytics, those looking to optimize their site and marketing, and those who want to learn how to successfully use Adobe Analytics after implementation. Software required: Adobe Analytics.

What you'll learn

Adobe Analytics is an essential part of truly understanding the benefits of web analytics. In this course, Adobe Analytics Fundamentals, you will learn how to generate reports in Adobe Analytics to help answer your business questions. Next, you'll explore the multiple reasons why you need analytics. By the end of this course, you'll know about how data is collected, and have learned how to analyze metrics and segmentation. Software required: Adobe Analytics.

About the author

Matthew Pizzi has over 20+ years in the training industry. He's currently Director or Curriculum for Pluralsight and joined the company after Pluralsight acquired his company Train Simple. He's been a speaker at industry events like Adobe MAX and Social Media Week and has authored several technology books.

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