Adobe Analytics Implementation Fundamentals

by Jaekob Chenina

Adobe Analytics is the industry leading digital analytics solution for reporting and insights of your company's customer experience. This course teaches you the basics of designing, configuring, and coding a robust implementation of Adobe Analytics.

What you'll learn

Adobe Analytics is a window into what your customers do, want, need and believe! It's a tool to guide the experiences that matter. In this course, Adobe Analytics Implementation Fundamentals, you will be empowered with the industry best-practices when it comes to designing and coding a robust implementation of Adobe Analytics. First, you will get an overview of the necessary implementation tools. Next, you will be shown how to configure your global analytics setting. Finally, you will learn to code customized variables to enable profound insights of your customers using Adobe Analytics. By the end this course, you will have a solid foundation to get started implementing Adobe Analytics from scratch. Software required: Adobe Analytics.

About the author

Jaekob Chenina is a Product Manager of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Adobe Analytics. Before joining Adobe, Jaekob founded, a predictive analytics startup that helped marketers better understand the impact of their marketing efforts on social media.

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