Adobe Analytics Implementation Intermediate

by Joshua Barratt

Adobe Analytics one of the most popular digital analytics tools in the world and product of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. This course will teach you some of the more advanced methods of implementing Adobe Analytics on your website.

What you'll learn

At the core of implementing Adobe Analytics is a thorough knowledge of conversion metrics, conversion variables, product merchandising and campaign tracking. In this course, Adobe Analytics Implementation Intermediate, you'll learn the skills you need to implement these features of Adobe Analytics on your website. First, you'll explore how to implement conversion metrics and variables using JavaScript. Next, you'll discover how to configure these in Adobe Analytics Admin. Finally, you'll learn how to use product and conversion variable syntax for product merchandising. When you're finished with this course, you'll have an intermediate knowledge of Adobe Analytics Implementation that will help you reveal more granular insight about your website visitors. Software required: Adobe Analytics.

About the author

A senior digital analytics consultant experienced in architecting analytics solutions for enterprise organisations. A particular love for ecommerce implementations for global retail brands. Diverse experience in analysis, implementation and optimization. Can design and implement analytics using a wide variety of tag management systems and develop front-end optimizations solutions such as AB tests and product recommendations. Ability to maintain and upgrade current systems, migrate analytics so... more

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