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Extend and Customize Adobe Campaign v6

by Justin Buehler

Explore Adobe Campaign v6, where you'll learn how to create deliveries, assign operator rights, create queries and workflows, manage data and content, and integrate Adobe Campaign to other systems to reach your marketing goals and objectives.

What you'll learn

Adobe Campaign is a recognized leader in multi-channel campaign management. In this course, Extend and Customize Adobe Campaign v6, you'll advance your knowledge of this leading integrated marketing solution. First, you'll discover how to automate processes using workflow templates. Next, you'll explore how to manipulate data by customizing XML documents. Finally, you'll learn how to integrate third-party applications using web services. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the knowledge to manage digital marketing campaigns across online and offline channels. Software required: Adobe Campaign v6.

About the author

Justin Buehler is a strategic communications and learning consultant, and the founder of Buehler Strategies. His firm specializes in strategy, content development, and instructional design for clients in the high-tech, government, and nonprofit sectors. Justin’s corporate communications experience includes working with Fortune 500 leaders Adobe, eBay, and Raytheon on change management initiatives. He has developed courses for Allen Communication Learning Services and is the published author of E... more

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