Adobe Target Optimize Digital Experiences Fundamentals

by Jonathan Greiner

Adobe Target empowers companies with tools needed to drive more relevant experiences and engagement for customers. This course teaches you the basics of conversion optimization, activity creation, and managing offers stored in the customer library.

What you'll learn

The digital age is constantly moving at a rapid pace, and it's often difficult to get ahead. In this course, Adobe Target Optimize Digital Experiences Fundamentals, you'll learn how to achieve a better understanding of your customer by driving more relevant experiences while improving your bottom line. First, you'll explore the basics of conversion optimization and how to structure a culture of testing. Next, you'll discover how to create testing activities to match your business objectives. Finally, you'll learn how to utilize the content library within Adobe Target for a more efficient workflow in the Marketing Cloud. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge needed to start tailoring your website to match the expectations of your customers. Software required: Adobe Target.

About the author

Jonathan Greiner is our Optimization Guru here at Pluralsight. He started his career in various capacities of the eCommerce world where he found a special interest in evidence based marketing, specifically conversion optimization. Achieving optimal results comes naturally to Jonathan, as evidenced by his tendency to drive on a quarter-tank of gas in order to cut weight and optimize MPG, and the fact that he split tests golf balls for maximum distance. This lifelong quest for discovering ideal o... more

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