Amazon Neptune: Best Practices

by Anthony Sequeira

Graph database technologies offer an exciting alternative to traditional relational database systems. This course will teach you the best practices when working with graph databases in the AWS managed service of Neptune.

What you'll learn

While many Cloud Architects and SysOps Engineers are very familiar with the traditional relational database models in AWS, there are often many that do not understand graph database technology. In this course, Amazon Neptune: Best Practices, you’ll learn to leverage the performance, flexibility, and agility of graph databases in AWS. First, you’ll explore critical topics related to graph database deployment. Next, you’ll discover how to automate and monitor graph databases in the AWS Neptune service. Finally, you’ll learn how to secure and troubleshoot AWS Neptune databases. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the AWS Neptune service needed to succeed with graph databases hosted in AWS thanks to the managed service of Neptune.

About the author

Anthony Sequeira is a ten+ year CCIE and enjoys writing and training about any topic within the vast scope of Information Technology. He is thrilled to be a content author for Pluralsight.

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