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Creating Web Services with Go 1

by Alex Schultz

In this course you will build restful web services using Go’s standard library.

What you'll learn

Web services power just about every web application that we as consumers use every day. In this course, Creating Web Services with Go 1, you'll learn how to build restful web services using Go’s standard library. First, you’ll explore the use of standard http methods to perform create, update, and delete operations using persistent data with a database. Next, you'll learn how to test your webservices using http debugging tools and you’ll see how you can make use of websockets to improve the user experience of your application. Finally, you'll discover how you can format data using Go’s built in templating package. By the end of this course, you should have a firm foundation from which to build your own web services using Go.

About the author

Alex Schultz an award-winning machine learning software engineer with over 10 years of experience working across the entire development stack. In that time he's worked with many languages and frameworks and built applications for everything ranging from mobile and IOT, to front-end web development, to scalable backend web services. He ran the Amazon Web Services (AWS) User Group in his hometown for three years and is also a former AWS Machine Learning Hero.

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