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Creating User Experiences: Fundamental Design Principles

by Billy Hollis

An entry point for developers to begin learning more about UI/UX design

What you'll learn

We're in a new era of software and devices, and user expectations are rising rapidly. To meet those expectations, developers need to understand more about design concepts. Whether working alone, or with a designer, this course will help by explaining fundamental principles, concepts, and terminology, and by exposing developers to a broad range of design possibilities.

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About the author

Billy in an internationally known author and speaker. He offers consulting and training services for user experience design, end-to-end architecture, and presentation tier construction and development. His team, based in Nashville, Tennessee, has created applications hailed around the world for user experience innovation. Billy offers training on user experience design for any platform, and technical classes on XAML technologies. You can see Billy at major conferences all over the world, usually... more

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