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Deploying Applications to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

by Red Hat

Red Hat OpenShift is emerging as one of the leaders in the cloud-native development platform space. This course will teach you the basics of OpenShift container architecture and application deployment.

What you'll learn

Please Note: This course is set to be removed before the end of 2023. Companies that adopt the cloud-native development platforms often realize that while speed and agility are important, speed is insufficient by itself. Security teams require strong standardization and monitoring of critical vulnerabilities, while reliability engineers require a cloud platform that is easy to manage and maintain.

Red Hat OpenShift is a hybrid cloud platform built with Kubernetes at its core. It is a complete enterprise solution that focuses on ease-of-use, maintainability, and developer experience while providing a strong security layer.

In this course, Deploying Applications to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, you will learn the foundation of OpenShift application development. First, you will learn how OpenShift uses the container architecture to manage applications. Next, you will explore how to deploy predefined applications from the OpenShift catalog to speed up your application development process. Finally, you will discover how to deploy your own applications to OpenShift.

By the end of this course, you will have a foundational understanding of the Red Hat OpenShift architecture. You will be able to use the OpenShift Web Console to deploy predefined applications. Additionally, you will understand how to build and deploy applications from source code.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Lab Overview
Understanding the Container Application Architecture
Deploying OpenShift Applications
Deploying Applications from Source Code to OpenShift

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