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External Footprinting: Reconnaissance and Mapping

by Will Vandevanter

This course will teach you 15+ techniques in the scope of identifying targets, passive and active reconnaissance, hunting weak web applications, and prioritizing your efforts.

What you'll learn

A solid understanding of external footprinting techniques is critical to being an effective penetration tester. It can be the difference between breaking into an organization and having little to show for your efforts. This course, External Footprinting: Reconnaissance and Mapping, will challenge you by starting with a real world company and enumerating 10,000+ IPv4/IPv6 addresses and domain names used by the company. You will also get to utilize 15+ techniques for identifying targets, gathering host information, hunting weak web applications, and prioritizing your efforts. When you have finished with this course, you should have a solid understanding of external footprinting, passive/active reconnaissance, and the techniques discussed in the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). Software Required: Kali Linux.

About the author

Will is a Principal penetration tester at a small consulting firm. He enjoys Web Application Security and external attack vectors. Will has previously spoken at a number of security conferences including Blackhat, DEFCON, and TROOPERS. Outside of work Will develops and maintains a couple of small Open Source projects and stumbles through the occasional CTF. He likes to think he is an avid snowboarder and surfer.

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