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Mar 15, 2014
2h 17m
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The Indie Game Development Pipeline is geared towards indie game developers and will take you through the entire creative pipeline to develop a boss battle level that's comprised of a vibrant 2D environment with 3D characters. We'll begin this process by introducing you to the visual development stage, where we'll lay the foundation of our entire project by producing concepts and ideas for the game's hero, boss, and environment. In this phase of production, we'll discuss the importance of the creative team's input and collaboration to create fun and appealing game assets that all fit together in the same world. Along the way, we'll be sharing with you the feedback on these concepts, in addition to how the 2D environment can be realized and managed across layers in Photoshop. Following this training, you'll continue on through the production pipeline with a series of courses involving the development of our game. You'll learn everything from prototyping the character's movement, interaction, and functionality in Unity, along with how our final concepts of the hero and boss can be modeled, sculpted and textured using Maya LT and Z-Brush. In addition, we'll see them spring to life as we learn how to rig and create stunning animations in Maya LT that will be incorporated into the final game. Finally, you'll learn how to use Unity to assemble our game's 2D and 3D assets for a fun and magical gaming experience. After watching this entire pipeline process, you'll have the knowledge needed to take your own indie game to the next level!

About the author
About the author

Kurt is a design tutor at Pluralsight. Ever since he could hold a crayon, Kurt has been in love with drawing. Apart from his dedication to training artists at Pluralsight, Kurt has an extensive background in illustration. He has previously worked for a book publisher, as well as Rhythm and Hues Studios. It was through his extensive industry background that Kurt learned the way of the Wacom, and that the Pen tool is truly mightier than the sword.

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