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Key Concepts: Data Modeling

by Abdul Rehman Yousaf

Data modeling makes it easier to navigate data, and helps you get the insights you need in order to make smarter decisions faster. It's an essential step in creating any complex software, and positively impacts data analytics.

What you'll learn

Data modeling is the process of describing data in a way that makes it easier to work with and process. It’s a way of giving your data structure and meaning so that you can easily move around in it. In this course, Key Concepts: Data Modeling, you’ll learn about what data modeling is and what a data model looks like. First, you’ll explore the levels of abstractions needed for a data model. Next, you’ll discover several techniques used for building data models. Finally, you’ll learn about data warehouse modeling and see a case study for the development of data models. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of data modeling needed to make better decisions based on your data.

About the author

Abdul Rehman is the founder of Pythonist.org, a software consulting, training, and application development company. Currently, he is working as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Nexthon Technologies where he built several amazing projects powered with artificial intelligence. Prior to that, he worked as a Cloud Solution Architect, building powerful, secure, and scalable infrastructures on various cloud vendors like Google Cloud Platform and AWS. During both of these roles, he used Python as ... more

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