Managing Product Marketing

by Jillian Kaplan

This course will teach you how to collaborate with product marketing as you bring products to market. It is important to communicate and as the product expert is your job to explain the value proposition so the product can have a successful launch.

What you'll learn

A successful go-to-market plan product launch paves the way for you to develop future products. In this course, Managing Product Marketing, you’ll learn to work effectively with your product marketing team so you can bring products from idea to market with the greatest success. First, you’ll explore the role that product marketing plays, understand how to create a marketing plan, and align key product and customer metrics. Next, you’ll discover how to effectively communicate the message about the product. You are the product expert and it is your job to be able to explain why this product and what the customer will gain by purchasing it. Finally, you’ll learn how to work with product marketing for a successful launch. It is their job to ensure the word gets out about your amazing product. You need to be there to ensure it is properly communicated. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of working effectively with product marketing needed to effectively launch a product.

About the author

Jillian Kaplan has a 15+ year background in Engineering, Product Management and Product Marketing at a Verizon and at Dell Technologies. She currently is driving the go to market strategy to help Telco Service Providers build their 5G networks.

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