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Mitigate Threats Using Microsoft 365 Defender

by Rishalin Pillay

In this course you’re going to cover the skills measured in the Mitigate Threats using 365 Defender objective in the exam guide.

What you'll learn

Microsoft Defener 365 is a frontline tool for protecting your organization from threats. In this course, Mitigate Threats Using Microsoft 365 Defender, you’ll learn to protect, detect, and respond to threats that span across identities, endpoints, productivity, and risky activities. First, you’ll explore how to protect your productivity environment. Next, you’ll discover how to protect endpoints from modern attacks. You will then focus on protecting identities and finally, you’ll learn how to perform cross domain investigation and hunting. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge that is required to pass the Microsoft Security Operations Analyst exam.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Domain Summary

About the author

Rishalin is an active author, who has authored a number of courses found on Pluralsight. In addition to video courses, he has authored two books titled "Learn Penetration Testing" and "Offensive Shellcode from Scratch". He serves as a technical contributor to many books ranging from Dark Web Analysis, Kali Linux, Offensive Security, SECOPS, and study guides across Networking and Microsoft technologies. He holds the Microsoft Content Publisher Gold and Platinum awards for his contributions made ... more

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