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Play by Play: Ruby Programming with Aaron Patterson and Corey Haines

by Corey Haines, Geoffrey Grosenbach and Aaron Patterson

We caught Aaron (Ruby committer, Rails committer, wildly popular keynote speaker) and Corey (world-traveling mentor and co-founder of Code Retreat) in Melbourne at RubyConf Australia. Even though they had limited experience working together, they had no problem communicating, laughing, and coding together like old friends.

What you'll learn

This course observes Ruby experts Aaron Patterson and Corey Haines as they code through a real-world problem. You'll learn object design using the Ruby language, pair programming, test-driven development, problem solving, and how the 7-11 chain of stores got its name. Although this video has many laughs, don't underestimate the quality of code that two experienced developers can write while focused on solving the same task. Their use of Ruby objects will change the way you design your own applications.

About the authors

After 12 years of coding for money, Corey said: "Enough!" — and went on a year-long, Journeyman pair-programming tour. Traveling the world, coding for room and board, he spent his time teaching, learning, and living. Imagine a bee that cross pollinates software knowledge instead of flowers; that bee was Corey. And instead of wings, he had a little red car. Since that tour ended in 2009, Corey has focused his attention on helping developers improve their fundamental software design skills through... more

Geoffrey founded PeepCode and has created numerous courses on Ruby, JavaScript and Shell. He commits code at

Aaron was born and raised on the mean streets of Salt Lake City. His only hope for survival was to join the local gang of undercover street ballet performers known as the Tender Tights. As a Tender Tights member, Aaron learned to perfect the technique of self-defense pirouettes so that nobody, not even the Parkour Posse could catch him. Between vicious street dance-offs, Aaron taught himself to program. He learned to combine the art of street ballet with the craft of software engineeri... more

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