Product Management: Executive Briefing

by Jillian Kaplan

This course will teach you all about product managers and how a leader can help accelerate the opportunity.

What you'll learn

In order to understand what a product manager does it’s important that you know what they produce. In this course, Product Management: Executive Briefing, you’ll learn the role of a Product Manager. First, you’ll explore a product manager’s role from ideation to launch to ongoing management. Next, you’ll discover the differences between product management and project or portfolio management. Finally, you’ll learn about the role of a product manager in different organizations. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to understand how a leader can help ensure products are properly developed and managed.

About the author

Jillian Kaplan has a 15+ year background in Engineering, Product Management and Product Marketing at a Verizon and at Dell Technologies. She currently is driving the go to market strategy to help Telco Service Providers build their 5G networks.

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