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Scaling Applications in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

by Red Hat

Application scaling is a common requirement for any cloud-native application. In this course, you will learn how to scale applications on Red Hat OpenShift.

What you'll learn

Please Note: This course is set to be removed before the end of 2023. Ease of application scaling is one of the promises of cloud-native development. Agile teams often design light applications that can horizontally scale in case of increased load. Red Hat OpenShift provides a number of advanced scaling techniques, such as scaling OpenShift nodes, turning off services when they are not in use, or scaling the number of application pods.

In this course, Scaling Applications in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, you will learn the foundations of application scaling in Red Hat OpenShift. First, you will understand horizontal pod scaling. Next, you will explore how to manually scale your application horizontally. Finally, you will discover how to configure automatic scaling for your application using the HorizontalPodAutoscaler OpenShift resource.

By the end of this course, you will have a foundational understanding of application scaling in Red Hat OpenShift.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Lab Overview
Configuring Manual Pod Scaling and Routing
Configuring Automatic Pod Scaling

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