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Mar 4, 2016
1h 1m

Nowadays, almost everyone is asking for more time. We started appreciating those 24 hours per day so badly that we are now constantly looking for ways to do more every single day. If you are one of those people, then this course is definitely for you. In this course, Boris shares numerous tips and tricks on how you can become more productive and thus achieve even more in both your personal and professional life. The course is full of practical tips and tricks to use on a day-to-day basis and even though it may initially look like a short course, be absolutely sure that in order to turn everything that you will learn into part of your life, you will need to put in some serious effort.

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Section Introduction Transcripts

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Are you one of those people that every single day tells himself that it would be great if you had a bit more than 24 hours per day? If so, time management in a world of interruptions is a course that you definitely want to invest in. Yes, this course will take a bit of your time, but I promise you once you watch it and then start applying the learned, you immediately become more productive, and thus you will be able to achieve more in both your personal and professional life. The course touches and covers three main topics, how to become better time managers in your personal life, how to become such in your work life, and last but not at least how to use technology and tools to help you succeed in this important journey. It's a course that even though short in duration is not that easy to after that put in practice, so I challenge you if you want to become a better time manager and achieve more in your life, take the ideas, learn from them, and start using them. The results are guaranteed.