Customer Story

CASE STUDY: Nagarro Keeps Clients Disrupting with Rapid Training at Scale

Rapidly growing technology services company Nagarro knows: Today you either disrupt or you’re disrupted. 

A flexible, scalable technology learning platform primes Nagarro employees to innovate quickly and drive competitive edge for their Fortune 500 clients, who are proudly disrupting their industries using augmented reality, human-like chat boards, blockchains that control supply-chain financing and more.

Access to Pluralsight’s more than 6,000 training resources ensures Nagarro drives more value for clients, while helping the company and employees achieve key training objectives, including:

  • Master topics quickly to drive agility and meet aggressive project deadlines
  • Offer training at scale to match its 30% annual growth rate 
  • Fuel the drive for learning as a vital part of corporate DNA

With Pluralsight as its trusted partner, Nagarro’s teams have the right resources to sustain the company’s competitive advantage, drive innovation and delight their clients.

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