Case study:
New Balance

Innovative training keeps New Balance running.

In the hyper-competitive markets of running shoes and athletic gear, New Balance has always followed its own path. From the beginning, the company has challenged the conventions of the industry. New Balance is family owned and insists on making and assembling a limited portion of its shoes in facilities based in the United States and England. They believe in sustainability, philanthropy and innovation. 

Creating and maintaining the back-end systems that enable this level of innovation requires a significant investment in training, which may be why New Balance chose Pluralsight to provide on-demand learning for its IT team.

Pluralsight wasn’t the company’s first choice for technical training. 

“We had tried other technical training resources but none of them gained much traction here, so I was anxious to find an alternative,” says Richard DiMichele, IT Training Manager. “One of our new technicians had used Pluralsight on his previous job and asked me to take a look at it. So I did. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the training, how current it was and how in-depth. So far it’s worked out very well for us.” 

The high-quality training was a big driver for the switch to Pluralsight, but it wasn’t the only consideration. “Part of the rationale for bringing in Pluralsight was that we don’t have to send people offsite,” says Richard. “They don’t have to travel and can take the training in-house on their own time. That was part of the appeal.” 

DiMichele and his team also like the fact that Pluralsight doesn’t have a strict structure to it. There are thousands of courses on a variety of subjects. And more are added every day. “The whole library is available to us, so employees can go in and find what they want to learn or what they’re interested in,” says Richard. 

Training that gets used is training that makes a difference. 

Has the switch to Pluralsight had a positive effect on the team? Richard believes so: “Before Pluralsight, we didn’t get great reviews on the training, on the content. But now, a lot more people are taking training than we were seeing previously. Frankly, I’m surprised at how much time they’re devoting to it.” 

“We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the training, how current it was and how in-depth. So far it’s worked out very well for us.”

New Balance at a glance:
  • Founded in 1906 to provide special arch support for police officers and other professionals who work on their feet.
  • Their mission today is “to move the world.
  • Proud to be the only major company to make or assemble more than 4 million pairs of athletic footwear per year in the USA.

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