Customer Story

Pluralsight One + PATH; Accelerating health equity with technology learning

To stay competitive in a world where technology makes the impossible possible, nonprofits must tackle digital transformation head on. PATH—a global NGO participating in a needs-assessment and pilot with Pluralsight One—is setting the tone for navigating transformation with ease.

PATH works in more than 70 countries to turn bold ideas into sustainable solutions that improve health and well-being for all. Pioneers of global health innovation for over 40 years, PATH now harnesses the power of data and digital tools to solve the world’s most-pressing health challenges.

“The thing about innovation, which is tricky, is that you can’t really know in advance what technology or what skills you’re going to need in order to solve a particular problem,” says PATH’s Director of Software Development, Darren Davis. “We have to constantly keep our eyes on what is currently happening, and what's developing in the industry.”

Pluralsight helps Darren stay ahead and accelerate PATH’s mission. Through Pluralsight One, his team has access to Pluralsight’s technology learning platform, which supports innovation and skills growth.

Driving outcomes with skill development that scales

Darren manages a team of about 15 software developers, analysts, project managers and data architects, all on a mission to use their tech savvy for global health equity.

“We are a resource-constrained organization,” says Darren. “We don't have lots of money to spend on lots of classes and coursework and conferences for our people. Resources that are online, things like Pluralsight, help us to scale much, much better then we otherwise might.”

Pluralsight One allows Darren and his team to build the technology skills they need for mission-critical projects—while saving time and money. Developers can learn what they need to, when they need to, and apply new skills to drive outcomes faster.

“If I need to learn about Node, Pluralsight demystifies that technology for me,” says Darren. “If I want to learn Angular, I can get a feel for that, and then I can start actually using it in projects. Being able to focus our people on practical, useful skills that they can develop, that also benefit us now, that's hugely important for us.”

Doing more with less to meet the organization’s goals

Using Pluralsight to identify skill gaps and uncover individualized learning paths builds confidence in the impact a technology team can have on a nonprofit’s larger goals—a carrot that’s key for recruiting and retaining talent. Most recently, Darren’s team played a role in releasing a new finance system at PATH. Darren calls it a “huge effort—multi-year, multi-million dollar project.”

“I love being able to make my team more effective and more efficient, helping them to do more with a little bit less every now and then,” says Darren.

Harnessing technology to build a better future

PATH isn’t slowing down on staying ahead of the latest developments in technology. And Pluralsight One isn’t slowing down in helping organizations like PATH solve their biggest challenges.

“Technology is a core part of all aspects of our work,” says Darren. “The potential impact is so tremendous that it would be irresponsible of us not to continue to extend ourselves into these new technologies. Pluralsight has the tools and the content to help us do just that.”

Insights gained from piloting Pluralsight One with nonprofits like PATH accelerated our ability to deliver a solution that benefits organizations of all sizes. Eligible nonprofits around the world can now access Pluralsight at a discounted rate. Learn more here