Case study:
Hannah Benbow, 3D animator

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This interview was performed in 2013 by the Digital-Tutors team, which is now a part of Pluralsight.

Tell us about yourself and what drew you to working in the creative field? 

As a kid my mom would always tell me “cartoons will rot your brain”. I find it ironic now that I am an animator (inner rebellion maybe?). 

I graduated two years ago with a degree in animation. Currently I am working for Netsmartz Workshop, a program of the National Center for Missing Children. We create informative cartoons for kids that target topics about safety on and offline.

I think the one thing that drew me to working in the industry is that as an animator you still get to be a kid. It’s so much fun to get up every day to create something you loved watching when you were younger. 

How did you first get started with Digital-Tutors?

The first time I saw Digital-Tutors was a poster that was put up in my college’s library. I was intrigued and found out it was a new resource that my college had just acquired, so I signed up. 

What is your favorite part about Digital-Tutors training and why? 

I have two favorite things about Digital-Tutors. The first thing that I like is that they break up the lessons into multiple clips. I can’t tell you how many 20-30 minute long tutorials I’d watch from other sites and find myself zoning out. The cut-up clips kept me more attentive and engaged. More recently I really enjoyed the addition of quizzes and tests. Again it keeps you more engaged in the lesson. It’s also a nice reward to see a green check on the quiz! 

How was Digital-Tutors able to help you with your school or university experience? 

Digital-Tutors was like a second teacher at one point during my college experience. My school only taught 3ds Max, but I really wanted to learn Maya. It was an industry standard, and it would be nice to be well versed on my resume when I graduated. 

With the help of one of my professors and the “Introduction to Maya” lessons on Digital-Tutors, I was able to get a good grasp on the basics of using it for animation before graduating. 

What are you doing now or able to do thanks in part to Digital-Tutors? 

I now am working as an animator (using Maya and Motionbuilder) full-time creating educational cartoons for kids. 

It’s exactly what I’ve wanted to do all along. I feel that taking the time in college to learn Maya with Digital-Tutors gave me an extra boost in my software knowledge and helped me land the job I have today.

Digital-Tutors also is a great resource currently for making sure to keep my skills up-to-date for work. 

What advice would you give to other students thinking about using Digital-Tutors as a learning resource?

If Digital-Tutors is available at your school, use it. Taking the time to learn new techniques, software, and skills - not only will it help you more with your school projects, but it will put you one step ahead of everyone come graduation time. If your school doesn’t have it, ask them to get it now! It’s a great way for students to gain extra knowledge outside of the classroom. 

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