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Kyle Jones

CEO, Pixelwave


I was a customer service agent and I realized that I was headed down a road that wasn’t who I was. My wife and I had to make a decision: Do we continue down a corporate setting, that isn’t me? Or do we branch off and follow down a career path that is more who I am? 

With Pluralsight I was able to learn on my lunch breaks, after work, on weekends, at my own pace, on my own time. Pluralsight gave me the tools that I need to express myself creatively. As of January 1, I started my own company, Pixelwave, which does graphic design, 2D, photography and a little bit of videography. 

What I do comes from within. Pluralsight has allowed me to be who I am, it has given me my voice as an artist. We need to be who we are, we need to express ourselves in our own way. Pluralsight has allowed me to do that, they’ve built a path for me to achieve and allowed me to flourish as a person.