It's game time!

Are you ready to give your skills a major boost? Join the Truist Fantasy Football Team Challenge to strengthen your expertise while competing head-to-head with your colleagues. 

We’ve got 6 weeks of skill-building challenges designed to help you become stronger in your role and further your career. Think Skill IQs and courses. You'll win prizes individually, and as a team for deepening your knowledge. 

Teams are comprised of those within your DCIO/SLT Area. Team scores will be updated bi-weekly in the leaderboard below: 


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Here's how the challenge works:

Learners will earn points for their team by completing the following activities: 

- # of completed Skill IQs

- # of Skill IQ reassessments 

- # of completed courses 

- # of completed learning hours

At the end of the challenge, the top 25 learners from the winning DCIO/SLT will earn a spot in an expert-led virtual mixology experience!

Individual Games

In addition to winning a team prize, learners will compete head-to-head in a series of indivdual games over the challenge challenge duration to win prizes and bragging rights