Communicating During Technology Deployments to Support the Enterprise

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Calendar icon Mar 01, 2023
Clock icon 1:00 PM EST-2:00 PM EST
Globe icon Americas

What you'll learn

Join our live event with expert Jason Alba as he shares ideas on effective and impactful communication with your customers when supporting technical deployments. With deep experience and learnings from working in tech, from massive multi-billion dollar organizations to medium and small shops. He will unpack tips for providing meaningful support, and for bypassing the cliché of unhelpful customer support.

Ideas and tactics in this presentation will be immediately helpful to prepare us for technology changes, such as the WIN 11 rollout.

He will discuss:

  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Your Impact to the Mission
  • Strategy and Tactics in Customer Support

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The Host

Jason Alba

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Many years ago, before Jason Alba worked as a developer and then IT manager, he was a summer hire at FBI Headquarters and a full-time employee at the Pocatello Information Technology Center. While finishing college he started as an intern at a large, privately-owned company as a programmer, and has since gone on to own software companies, author multiple books, and contribute significantly to the soft skills and professional development section of the Pluralsight library. Jason is keenly interested in the intersection between technology and business, and user needs and interface design. Many of Jason’s Pluralsight courses focus on understanding user needs and helping technologists meet those needs through design, communication, etc. Jason earned a Computer Information Systems degree and an MBA and is the author of three books. Jason currently has 38 courses in the Pluralsight library and is passionate about career development, happiness at work, workplace culture, and personal empowerment.

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