Deliver on government objectives faster
Technology Skills Playbook

Deliver on government objectives faster

Are you a government leader committed to embracing new technologies as they emerge? Are you part of a team that wants to be at the forefront of innovation? Is your agency concerned with not being agile enough to make quick, pivotal decisions and solve critical government objectives?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need the playbook on Technology Skill Development. This playbook is meticulously designed to show you how to use Technology Skill Development (TSD) within your agency to efficiently build your team into a talent pool of engaged and skilled technologists that can deliver on mission-critical objectives. With this guide, you’ll come away with a better understanding on how to use TSD to your advantage and:

  • Understand the critical need for TSD

  • Implement TSD tailored to your agency

  • Make TSD a critical component of your strategy

  • Measure the impact of TSD on your agency

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