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Introducing Thrive at LIVE, a special conference experience designed to help advocates and allies of diversity and inclusion become more effective change makers.

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Pluralsight is passionate about fostering diversity, inclusion, and belonging in our workplace and the tech industry. It’s not hard to understand why—it facilitates innovation, improves employee experience, and provides a wider variety of valuable perspectives when facing challenges and being creative. In short, diversity and inclusion help people feel they belong, allowing companies to maximize their success

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are embedded into our entire LIVE conference, and this year we’re introducing Thrive at LIVE, a special conference experience designed to help everyone become more effective allies, advocates, and change-makers for diversity and inclusion.

We’re excited to invite you to our new Thrive experience, featuring:


Exclusive breakout sessions

Arm yourself with the insights you need to facilitate diversity and inclusion with breakout sessions.


Dedicated networking events

Get to know other equality-focused leaders during luncheon and networking session.


Inspiring speakers

Learn how to create positive change at your organization with sessions led by industry leaders.

Be a part of our community

Pluralsight LIVE is an inclusive place for all. In our pursuit to democratize technology skills, we need you, and we need you at your best. As a community, we’re committed to creating and participating in a psychologically safe environment — one in which we feel a sense of belonging and promote that for others. In participating, you acknowledge your commitment to the following: 

Be Respectful

Value and focus on individuals, even when we don't understand or agree with a perspective or opinion.

Be Curious

Center learning of concepts, ideas or others’ experiences from a place of creativity and curiosity, rather than polarity or contention.

Practice Amnesty

Recognize that we can make mistakes and say or do something that lessens others’ sense of belonging. Commit to owning responsibility by addressing the impact of mistakes, and extending the benefit of the doubt to those who unintentionally impact us.