There are no cheat codes for future-proofing 
your team, but putting time into skill development 
gives you a lot more experience points.

Last year, we made Pluralsight Skills free for the month of April to give technologists and teams a way to stay productive and grow during a time of uncertainty. This year, we're unlocking our platform again—because the challenges of last year aren’t over, digital transformation isn't slowing down and there's always more to learn.

Level up with us in the month of April and keep building the skills you need to defeat your competition and open up new worlds of opportunity. 

Number 1

Sign up for a free account

Creating an account is quick and easy. No credit card required. 

Number 2

Get to know the platform

Pluralsight Skills includes 7,000+ expert-led courses, skill assessments, paths and more to help you build skills in top technology topics like software development, cloud, AI/ML, DevOps and security. We’re also unlocking our premium learning experiences throughout #FreeApril, including interactive courses and projects. 

Number 3

Start your personalized skill development journey

The best place to start is figuring out what you already know. We recommend taking a quick skill assessment in a technology you’re interested in. You’ll then get your Skill IQ, which identifies your strengths and weaknesses and serves up content recommendations to help you improve. 

Number 4

Share your #FreeApril story

Winning combos are meant to be shared. Hop on social and tell us what course you’re watching or what your goals are this month using #FreeApril

Number 5

Join us for Tech Skills Day

Tune in on April 22 for a celebration of tech skills and what they can create. 

Know what you're getting

A few frequently asked questions

What's Free April?

Last year, global audiences loved our #FreeApril program, so Pluralsight is re-committing to helping organizations and individuals maintain their momentum of building better solutions for tomorrow, today. In 2021, Pluralsight is again offering free access to Pluralsight Skills for the month of April. 

Who is it for and what’s included?

Any new user without a current paid subscription can sign up for a free Pluralsight Skills account to get access to 7,000+ expert-led video courses, 40+ interactive courses and 20+ projects free for the month of April.  
Note: ITIL, Prince/Prince2 courses and certification practice exams are not included.

During #FreeApril you’re also invited to join us on April 22 to celebrate our Tech Skills Day annual virtual event. Check out for more info.

How do I get my free access?
How long will I have access?

From April 1-30 you’ll have access to the Pluralsight Skills platform with 7,000+ expert-led video courses, 40+ interactive courses and 20+ projects.

What happens after #FreeApril is over? Will I be able to keep all my data and profile I made progress on while my account was free?

You won’t lose access to your profile, but you’ll no longer have access to the library of projects or video and interactive courses.

How do I sign up for a paid account?

You can upgrade to a paid account at any time. You can get details on the plans available and sign up here.

Do I need a credit card to sign up for #FreeApril?

No credit card required!

Will I be charged after #FreeApril is over?

No, you will not be charged unless you upgrade to a paid account to retain ongoing access to Pluralsight Skills content.

What are the limitations of my #FreeApril account?

Free accounts will not have access to some premium content: ITIL courses and certification practice exams.

Will I have access to support during #FreeApril?

Yes. Due to increased ticket volume during our Free April promotion, you may experience a delayed response to support inquiries.

I already have an active Pluralsight Skills personal subscription. Can I redeem the #FreeApril offer?

No, this offer is only available to users who do not have an active paid subscription.

Will I get tons of emails?

We’ll send a couple emails with tips to get the most of Pluralsight Skills while it’s free (and maybe share some sweet deals with you, too). You can opt-out of communications at any time, or you can subscribe to our newsletter so you’ll be the first to know the next time a free weekend comes around. 

April is almost over but I'm just not ready to commit yet. Do I need to cancel my free account?

No need to cancel. You will not be charged unless you upgrade to a paid account. You can still access your profile for free.

Can I sign my team or company up for #FreeApril?

You can invite your team members to sign up individually, but team leaders won’t have any admin access or visibility into their progress. If you’d like to explore a free pilot for your team, sign up here.