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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional (SAP-C01)

  • Number of Courses8 courses
  • Duration18 hours

The AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification is one of the most complex exams available today. To successfully pass, the student will be required to have an abundance of technical knowledge, covering a vast amount of topics relating to architecture best practices within AWS. This learning path is designed to help students build and acquire the knowledge needed to pass. Each course was laid out to cover the specific domains that AWS defines and deems necessary to pass the exam successfully.

Courses in this path

Designing for Complexity

TO NAVIGATE THIS PATH: Our paths follow the same pattern as reading a book in English. Start at the top from the left. Work your way left to right as you work down the page. Left to right and top to bottom. You'll find mixed content modalities with written guides, video content, and practice labs. Some of our certification courses also have a Practice Exam located at the right column of this page. Now let's jump in! Just click on the title of the first learning resource in the top left of the list.

Complexity is the focus in this section. As applications and configurations grow more and more complex, you'll need to know how to plan for and design solutions that will meet your needs.

Designing for New Solutions

In this section you'll focus on the resources and services that will allow you to expand your associate level knowledge base with a special interest in designing new solutions.

Scalability and Fault-Tolerance

One major benefit of the cloud is really its scalability and how that really enables you and your organization to deliver so many moving pieces simply. You'll spend time here working on scalability and fault-tolerance.

Storage, Databases, and Migrations

In this section you'll expand into more advanced storage and database design.


Your real time analytics are right at your fingertips in this section. You'll learn in depth how to make this work for you.

Cost Control and Continuous Improvement

In this section you'll learn to design for operational excellence including cost control and continuous improvement.

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