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Building Machine Learning Solutions with MATLAB

  • Number of Courses5 courses
  • Duration6 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

MATLAB is a popular choice for Machine Learning Engineers. It provides apps and toolboxes that are efficient in design, algorithm optimizations, and customization of machine learning workflows. This skill will help you understand how to build end-to-end data solutions with MATLAB.

Courses in this path


Get started with machine learning in MATLAB. The basics for using the interface and building data workflows will be covered.


Build your understanding of what data visualizations are, why they’re important, and how to build and customize them from your own datasets using MATLAB. Explore and preprocess data for machine learning.


Explore pre-built functions, extensive toolboxes, and specialized apps for classification, regression, and clustering. Build a machine learning workflow from data cleaning to model training.

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