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Chaos Conf 2020

  • Number of Courses19 courses
  • Duration8 hours

Chaos Conf 2020 was the largest Chaos Engineering event ever with 18 talks over 3 days and more than 3,500 people registered. That’s 5x more than 2019, and nearly 10x more than 2018! This is a testament to the growth of Chaos Engineering as a practice across many different industries and around the world.

For this year’s virtual event, we featured talks by industry experts like Adrian Cockroft, VP of Cloud Architecture Strategy at AWS, and Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project, The Unicorn Project, and co-author of Accelerate. We also heard from companies like JP Morgan Chase, Workiva, and Twilio about how they're implementing Chaos Engineering to reduce the cost of downtime and make their systems more reliable.

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