Data Analytics on Google Cloud Platform


Data Analytics on Google Cloud Platform


This path teaches course participants how to derive insights through data analysis and visualization using the Google Cloud Platform. The courses feature interactive scenarios and... Read more

What you will learn:

This path teaches the following skills

  • Navigate Google Cloud Platform Project Basics
  • Code High Quality Standard SQL
  • Characterize Dataset Shape and Skew
  • Clean and Transform Data
  • Understand Data Visualization Principles
  • Connect Google Data Studio to Google BigQuery
  • Ingest New Datasets into BigQuery
  • Merge Historical Data Tables
  • Troubleshoot and Solve Data JOIN Pitfalls
  • Use Analytical Window Functions
  • Safeguard Data with One-Way Field Encryption
  • Create Date-Partitioned Tables in BigQuery
  • Leverage Performance Tradeoffs of Normalization vs Denormalization
  • Use Arrays and Nested Data in Google BigQuery
  • Optimize Queries for Performance
  • Optimize Queries for Cost
  • Control Access with Data Security Best Practices
  • Control Access with Authorized Views
  • Understand Feature Selection
  • Derive Insights from Unstructured Data using Prebuilt Machine-Learning models
  • Extract, Analyze, and Translate Text from Images


Participants should have some prior experience with ANSI SQL.