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Entity Framework 6

  • Number of Courses6 courses
  • Duration20 hours

Entity Framework (EF) is Microsoft's Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tool for the .NET framework that allows you to rapidly create a data access layer for your applications. This skill path covers EF 6, which is a mature and stable version of Entity Framework that runs on the full .NET Framework. This skill path takes you through getting started with EF 6 to advanced features. It also covers how to use EF Migrations to create and populate your databases as well as how to test your Entity Framework applications.

Courses in this path


You will want to start by getting a handle on everything that Entity Framework 6 can do. The courses in this section will guide you from just starting out with Entity Framework to the use of its most advanced features, regardless of if you have used an ORM before or not.


As you continue your journey with Entity Framework, you will want a comprehensive understanding of how it to integrate EF into your enterprise applications and use it across teams. The courses in this section will teach you how to design and build robust data access layers that use time-tested and proven patterns. You will also learn how to use Entity Framework Migrations to manage the structure of your database in a team based environment, allowing you to rapidly evolve your database schema as your needs change.


Testing is a critical component in the lifecycle of any application, so in this section, you will learn what it takes to properly test you Entity Framework applications. You will also learn about some available tooling specifically designed for working with existing databases and how it can simplify the use of EF with these databases. When finished with this path, you will have a thorough knowledge of all of Entity Framework's capabilities and how to use it in all of your applications.

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