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Installing and Managing Google Cloud’s Apigee API Platform for Private Cloud

  • Number of Courses3 courses
  • Duration6 hours

This three-course path introduces you to the design principles, installation steps and operational procedures required to successfully adopt the Apigee API Platform for Private Cloud.

Through a combination of video lectures, hands on labs and supplemental materials, you'll learn how to design Apigee topologies, install, manage and upgrade the platform. You will also learn how to conduct post installation and recurring activities to secure, monitor, scae and troubleshoot the platform.

This path is intended for Operations Engineers and Architects who are responsible for the installation and management of the Apigee API Platform in a datacenter on-premises, or in any cloud provider.

Courses in this path


The courses guide you through the process of installing and managing the Apigee API Platform for Private Cloud. Each course is taught through a series of video lectures, reference materials, and quizzes.

Using the knowledge and skills gained from these courses, you will be able to successfully install, configure and manage the Apigee Edge platform for Private Cloud.

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