Linux Fundamentals

Author: David Clinton

This skill path dives right into the first steps anyone needs to take to begin their Linux journey. The courses cover topics that get you up and running with the Linux OS. This... Read more

What you will learn

  • Installing and configuring Linux
  • Managing the desktop experience
  • Employing the command line
  • Managing processes
  • Managing user and group accounts and related system files
  • Securing Linux


A general familiarity with operating systems may be helpful but is not necessary.


This course gets you up and running with the Linux OS and covers basic fundamentals.

Getting Started with Linux

by David Clinton

Jan 26, 2019 / 1h 44m

1h 44m

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Take your first confident steps into the world of Linux administration. In this course, Getting Started with Linux, you will learn the basics of installing and managing Linux systems. First, you will introduce yourself to finding and working with Linux distributions, desktops, and open source software. Next, you will learn to control and optimize the Linux runtime environment. Finally, you will use both physical and virtual Linux instances to install and manage server applications like the Apache HTTP web server and the Nextcloud file sharing suite. When you’ve finished this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to plan, deploy, and administrate your own simple desktop and server Linux machines.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview1m
  2. Linux and the Open Source Community21m
  3. Installing Linux 15m
  4. Configuring the Linux Environment30m
  5. Configuring the Linux Desktop Experience17m
  6. Working with the Linux Server17m


This course gets you prepped for using the Linux Command Line so that you can start creating and running your scripts.

Getting Started with the Linux Command Line

by David Clinton

Jan 30, 2019 / 1h 3m

1h 3m

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Ready to take your first steps towards serious Linux administration? In this course, Getting Started with the Linux Command Line, you will learn the basics of Linux file system navigation and administration. First, you will discover network connectivity. Next, you will build a knowledgable foundation in bash scripting. Finally, you will explore some of the basics of command syntax patterns. When you are finished with this course, you will understand and be comfortable enough with the Linux terminal that you'll be ready to begin exploring your own Linux administration projects.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview1m
  2. Working with Linux Command Line Basics15m
  3. Navigating the Linux File System 19m
  4. Linux Network Connectivity15m
  5. Linux Scripting11m


Advanced Group Description This course gets you started with system administration fundamentals and scenarios.

Getting Started with Linux System Administration

by David Clinton

Feb 13, 2019 / 1h 10m

1h 10m

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If you're looking to become more effective with system administration in Linux, this course might be just what you need. In this course, Getting Started with Linux System Administration, you'll be introduced to some Linux administration basics. First, you'll learn about monitoring and optimizing a Linux server. Next, you'll be configuring user accounts and groups to closely control access to resources. Finally, you'll explore how to harden your server by ensuring that your data is appropriately encrypted and network ports aren't unnecessarily left open. When you're done, you'll have Linux skills that can add value to a broad range of IT projects.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview1m
  2. Optimizing Your Linux System 17m
  3. Working with Users and Groups in Linux9m
  4. Securing Your Linux Server20m
  5. Working with Docker and Linux Containers21m
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