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Organizational Change and Culture for Adopting Google Cloud

  • Number of Courses4 courses
  • Duration8 hours

This series of courses introduces Google Cloud concepts and some of the important ways organizations manage culture and change while transitioning to Google Cloud. Included is an overview of Google Cloud technologies and the business processes that change as organizations take advantage of the powers of the cloud. This Specialization focuses on the human factors of moving to the cloud, including how cloud adoption combined with culture and process changes enable your workforce to better collaborate and innovate.

This specialization is intended for anyone interested in how moving your organization to Google Cloud creates opportunities and requires change. It does not include any hands-on technical training and no previous experience with cloud technology is required.

Courses in this path


Directors and other business decision makers; Product, Program and Project Managers; Individual contributors interested in how organizations can manage change and culture when moving to Google Cloud.

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