SharePoint 2016 Foundations


SharePoint 2016 Foundations

Authors: Liam Cleary, Jeff Collins, Mark Ingram, Bill Kulterman, Vlad Catrinescu

This path will take you through getting started with SharePoint. You’ll start with the basics and fundamentals of SharePoint Server. From there, you’ll investigate and learn about... Read more

What you will learn:

  • SharePoint Server concepts and fundamental knowledge
  • The differences between SharePoint Online and On-Prem
  • Installing SharePoint on-premises
  • Provisioning and Configuring Web Applications for SharePoint
  • Configuring Service Applications in SharePoint
  • Administrating SharePoint through basic tasks and scenarios
  • Implementing and understanding SharePoint security essentials


Basic knowledge of Windows Server and Office 365 is beneficial.


These courses will get you up and running with SharePoint concepts and fundamentals, so you can understand what you’re working with.

SharePoint Server Concepts and Fundamentals

by Liam Cleary

Mar 16, 2019 / 2h 7m

2h 7m

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Implementing SharePoint Server in your organization is no small task. Knowing how a SharePoint farm works and understanding what sub sites are play a big part in how you build it. Whether you are deploying SharePoint for the first time or migrating from another version of SharePoint server, understanding the features and how you can use them is where you begin with SharePoint. In this course, SharePoint Server Concepts and Fundamentals, you will gain the ability to implement SharePoint server. First, you will learn about SharePoint farms. Next, you will discover web applications, site collections and sites. Finally, you will explore how to use some basic management tools for each of these. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to understand the basics of implementing SharePoint server.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. What Is a SharePoint Farm?
  3. Provisioning SharePoint Web Applications
  4. Creating SharePoint Site Collections
  5. Configuring SharePoint Subsites
  6. Understanding SharePoint Central Administration Basics
  7. Utilizing SharePoint Server Service Applications

Big Picture: SharePoint 2016 On-prem, Online, or Hybrid?

by Jeff Collins

Nov 22, 2016 / 1h 49m

1h 49m

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As time goes on, each of the SharePoint implementation models seems to get more complex, making it difficult to know which model will work now and, more importantly, in the future. In this course, Big Picture: SharePoint 2016 On-prem, Online, or Hybrid?, you will go through each of the SharePoint implementation models in depth. First, you will learn what the different implementation models are and get a good high-level understanding of the differences of each model. Next, you'll learn what it's like managing SharePoint Online, and the additional features companies get with SharePoint Online, as well as covering, in depth, the SharPoint On-premises implementation model and the resources and considerations to take into account. Finally, will learn about SharePoint Hybrid and how this can give you the best of both SharePoint Online and On-premises and see some real world examples of SharePoint Hybrid and what it's like to be in a hybrid environment. After finishing this course, you should understand the differences between each model, along with some helpful real-world examples of when you might choose each model.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. SharePoint Implementation Models
  3. When to Choose SharePoint Online
  4. When to Choose SharePoint On-premises
  5. When to Choose SharePoint Hybrid
  6. Course Conclusion


These courses cover more of the basic administrative tasks inherent in utilizing SharePoint. You’ll cover basic administration as well as security essentials and on-premises installation.

Basic Administration of SharePoint 2016

by Mark Ingram

Feb 7, 2017 / 1h 43m

1h 43m

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SharePoint adoption is increasing rapidly on premises and in the cloud. Don't get left behind, because no matter your current skill set or IT interests, there are one or more areas of SharePoint to build your career around. In this course, Basic Administration of SharePoint 2016, you'll learn to configure and deploy SharePoint. First, you'll delve into SharePoint farm architecture basics. Next, you'll explore the creation and configuration of web applications. Finally, you'll learn how to create site collections and sites, and what you can do with them. By the end of this course, you'll know how to set up SharePoint in a small test environment and be ready to move that farm to a limited production environment.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. Introducing SharePoint 2016 Basic Administration
  3. Creating and Configuring Web Applications
  4. Creating and Configuring Site Collections and Sites
  5. Creating and Configuring Service Applications
  6. Managing Users and Permissions
  7. Recapping the Journey

SharePoint Security Fundamentals

by Liam Cleary

May 8, 2018 / 2h 1m

2h 1m

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Ensuring that SharePoint is secure can be a complicated process. In this course, SharePoint Security Fundamentals, you will learn foundational knowledge of/gain the ability to implement the correct security protecting your business data. First, you will learn about the hierarchy of SharePoint Security. Next, you will discover how using Least Privilege Security can be implemented. Finally, you will explore how to secure and also audit permissions within SharePoint. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of SharePoint Security Fundamentals needed to secure your SharePoint Environment.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. Reviewing SharePoint Security Levels
  3. Utilizing a Least Privilege Model
  4. Controlling Access to SharePoint with Users, Groups, and Audience Targeting
  5. Utilizing Standard and Custom Permission Levels
  6. Managing and Auditing Permissions with PowerShell

On-premises Installation of SharePoint 2016

by Bill Kulterman

Jul 27, 2016 / 2h 54m

2h 54m

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SharePoint 2016 is new and has a lot to offer, but first you have to learn how to get it up and running. This course, On-premises Installation of SharePoint 2016, will do just that by teaching you how to do a basic on-premises installation of SharePoint 2016. First, you will learn how to install and prepare SQL Server 2014 for use with SharePoint, creating SQL permissions and what to do about MAXDOP. Next, you'll install SharePoint 2016, create the SharePoint farm, and join all of your servers to the farm for a full MinRole deployment. Finally, you'll observe how to manage your servers in Central Administration and how to upgrade them and change a server role. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to perform an on-premises installation of SharePoint 2016 with SQL Server 2014, using the MinRole topology, preparing you to create your own SharePoint environment.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. Introduction
  3. SharePoint 2016 Farm Topologies
  4. SharePoint 2016 Requirements
  5. Installing SQL Server for SharePoint
  6. Installing the SharePoint 2016 Prerequisites
  7. Installing SharePoint and Creating the Farm
  8. Creating the Farm Using PowerShell
  9. Managing Servers in Central Administration
  10. Summary


Finish the path with these courses that will teach you how to deal with both Web and Service applications as they pertain to SharePoint.

Provision and Configure Web Applications in SharePoint 2016

by Vlad Catrinescu

Jan 6, 2017 / 1h 48m

1h 48m

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At the core of every SharePoint implementation you can find Web Applications. In this course, Provision and Configure Web Applications in SharePoint 2016, you'll learn foundational knowledge of Web Applications. First, you will learn how to create Web Applications both by the Central Administration and PowerShell. Next, you'll learn how to manage Managed Paths and Alternate Access Mappings. Finally, you'll learn how to manage Web Application settings such as SharePoint Designer Settings, Max File Size, Service connections, and more. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Web Applications needed to create and configure Web Applications in SharePoint Server 2016. This course also covers the "Provision and configure Web Applications" objectives of the SharePoint 2016 MCSE exam 70-339.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. Course Introduction
  3. Creating Web Applications
  4. Creating Managed Paths
  5. Configuring Alternate Access Mappings
  6. Managing Web Application Settings
  7. Course Conclusion

Configuring Service Applications in SharePoint 2016

by Bill Kulterman

Sep 1, 2016 / 1h 41m

1h 41m

Start Course

Creating service applications in SharePoint can be a difficult and frustrating experience. In this course, Configuring Service Applications in SharePoint 2016, you will earn how to how to ease that frustration by learning how service applications work, what they do, and how to create them. First, you will learn about the SharePoint structure and about the relationship between web applications, application pools, and service applications. Then, you will examine service applications and their components and how they work together to fulfill the requests of the web application. At this point, you will begin the demos and will start by creating a managed account and the application pool needed for your service applications. The rest of the course will walk you step by step through the creation of several service applications, some in central administration, and where appropriate or required, some using PowerShell. Included are the State Service, the Managed Metadata Service, and the Search Service Application among many others. When you have finished the course, you will have the knowledge necessary to create application pools and 10 different service applications.

Table of contents
  1. Course Overview
  2. Introduction
  3. Understanding Web Applications
  4. Service Applications
  5. The Service Application App Pool
  6. The State Service Application
  7. The Usage and Health Data Collection Service Application
  8. Access Services 2010
  9. Business Data Connectivity Service
  10. The Managed Metadata Service
  11. Creating the PowerPoint Conversion Service Application
  12. Creating the Search Service
  13. Configuring the Secure Store
  14. Configuring the Visio Graphics Service
  15. Creating Word Automation Services
  16. Summary
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