Using LTI with Pluralsight

Basics of our LTI offering:

LTI protocol: 1.0 (no outcomes/results reporting)

Reporting APIs & dashboards are available (ask your rep/sales ops contact for more information)

Deprovisioning of users happens outside of LTI process/protocol

Links to individual videos is not currently available, only full courses

Begin using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) to help your students and instructors easily get started, manage log-in credentials and to simplify license provisioning.


  1. Confirm your LMS supports LTI protocol:
    1. Canvas/Moodle/Blackboard/Sakai/D2L
    2. Full Directory
  2. Work with your Pluralsight rep to start a trial plan and licenses
  3. Your Pluralsight rep and sales ops team will build and provide:
    1. A consumer key and shared secret to input in your LMS
    2. A launch URL for Pluralsight to input in your LMS
  4. Test inside your staging or production environment
  5. If staging is successful, push to your production environment and Pluralsight will update you to a production plan
  6. Start training and celebrate your access to the best tech training