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Skills Strategy FAQ


Skills Strategy FAQ

Q: What is a Learning Matrix?

A Learning Matrix is a visualization of skills and topic areas identified in conjunction with the customer, which are then mapped to course/Skill Path recommendations. 

Q: What is a Technology Strategy Plan (TSP)?

A Technology Strategy Plan is an analysis of your current technology learning needs, and an alignment of Pluralsight content to those needs, coupled with best practice recommendations. 

Q: How to initiate a TSP or Learning Matrix?

A TSP can be initiated by contacting your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive.  You can also contact us at this link. Initial discover is always free, so engaging in either a TSP or Learning matrix can start before purchase/invoice. After initial discovery, an estimate/scope is provided to be agreed upon before additional work is performed.

Q. How are Learning Matrices or TSP’s “scoped” and when is an estimate of work provided?

After engaging the Skills Strategy team, and after initial discovery, they will provide an estimate, or scope, for recommended services. This will included a recommended number of Learning Matrices or an estimate of hours for the TSP to be discussed and agreed upon before the Skills Strategy Team continues work.

Q: How many topics are covered?

A Learning Matrix contains one or more topics,  and has a per-topic charge. A TSP doesn’t have a limit on the amount of topics covered, and is charged by the hour, with a minimum of 10. For more information on pricing, contact your Account Executive.

Q: What is involved with the Discovery stage?

A Discovery session is initiated through the customer’s CSM, Account Executive, or here. Discovery can come in the form of documentation from the customer, a Scoping/Discovery session(phone/video chat), or (preferably) both.  Initial discovery is included in the price for a Learning Matrix or a TSP. However with a TSP may come with several additional sessions with multiple teams at the customer organization depending on the scope of the project. These can contribute to the TSP hours.

Q: What is involved with the Iteration stage?

Skills Strategy will work with the Customers Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) via offline / email communication and/or additional follow up meetings (depending on preference) to identify any gaps in the Matrix / Strategy Summary, and to curate the specific course recommendations. One iteration is included with the purchase of a Learning Matrix, but a TSP could potentially have several iterations, depending on the scope of the project and the needs of the customer.

Q: What is a Channel?

A Channel is a customized list of courses, Learning Paths, course modules, or even links external to, that can be aligned to teams of learners or key business objectives. Channels can be shared out and followed by learners, and can provide usage analytics to track progress. Channels are a best practice and recommendations for channel creation are typically included in a TSP.