Technical Whitepaper

Pluralsight ProServ Onboarding

V1.0 Last Revision 01/22/2019


This document provides an explanation of Pluralsight’s ProServ Onboarding service, the benefits it can provide, and when/why one would use this service.

What is ProServ Onboarding?

ProServ Onboarding is a white-glove customer experience that helps you get started on the right foot. ProServ Onboarding provides a Technical Onboarding Consultant, Customer Success Manager, and Enterprise Support Representative to help organizations realize the greatest ROI on their Pluralsight investment.

With ProServ Onboarding, we use a consultative approach and technical project management to uncover your most pressing technology initiatives and craft a skills and platform deployment strategy that allows you and your team to hit the ground running.

The When and Why?

ProServ Onboarding allows your organization to start your Pluralsight journey on the right foot. With help from your Technical Onboarding Consultant, you can accelerate your skill development program by ensuring Pluralsight is configured and utilized in a way that aligns to your company goals.

You can expect:

  • Assigned Technical Onboarding Consultant and Enterprise Support representative 
  • Detailed project plan to show the path to success 
  • Your technology strategy mapped to learning on the Pluralsight platform, implemented through channels 
  • Integrations into your technology ecosystem through SSO, APIs and data exports 
  • Enablement sessions, custom landing page and best practices to ensure users are engaged with skill development 
  • Consistent check-ins to track progress


Step 1 - Discovery

  • Project Managers and leaders will meet with our Solutions Architects to determine how this service can be aligned with your company goals and vision.

Step 2 - Kick-off Call

  • Your Onboarding Success Team will be introduced and provide you with a brief overview of what's to come and ask questions to build a tailored project plan and establish a project timeline.

Step 3 - Onsite Success Workshop

  • Your Technical Onboarding Consultant and Customer Success Manager will visit you onsite to work through each of the following project phases:

    • Your goals and vision

    • Account structure

    • SSO, LMS, or analytics integration

    • Skills Strategy plans

    • Enablement strategy

    • Awareness and communication

    • Launch strategy

Step 4 - Project Plan Delivery

  • Your Technical Onboarding Consultant will deliver the project plan and work with you to accomplish each activity defined in the technical project plan.  Most Onboarding projects are finished within 90 days or less


Step 5 - Launch

  • During platform orientation sessions, we’ll launch Pluralsight to your team members and direct learning in line with your skill strategy. Your Technical Onboarding Consultant will be with you offering guidance and best practices to ensure your launch day is a success.  As your roll-out Pluralsight to your teams, we’ll consistently touch-base to ensure Pluralsight is working for you.

Step 6 - Completion

  • Your Technical Onboarding Consultant will provide you with an overview of everything you accomplished including best practices documentation. Upon project completion, your Customer Success Manager will continue to work with you to ensure continued future success with Pluralsight.

Next Steps:

Now that you know what ProServ Onboarding is, feel free to talk with your Account executive about engaging our Technical Onboarding Consultants team to ensure a smooth launch of Pluralsight.