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Where teams build better technology skills, faster

Technology teams are only as successful as their skills are relevant. Give them access to Pluralsight Skills—courses, assessments, learning paths, and labs—and you give them the tech fluency they need to build business-critical skills.

Why Skills

Trusted by tech professionals at thousands of orgs

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Upskill & reskill

Empower your tech teams to produce key business outcomes by making upskilling and reskilling as easy as powering up their laptop. Tap into the power of curated learning paths to guide teams through the exact skills they need to progress from novice to guru across a variety of tech skills.

upskill and reskill

Learn by doing

More than 1,300 hands-on labs enable technologists to develop stronger proficiencies in specific skills or technologies through step-by-step instruction, practice exercises, and projects. In fact, Skills is the only upskilling platform that offers labs across all technology domains. We’ve totally got you covered.

learn by doing

Assess & evaluate

See where your team’s skills stand with skill assessments. With Skill IQ, you can benchmark your team’s tech skills, identify knowledge gaps and strengths—or find out where you stand yourself. You’ll also get tailored learning recommendations to help your team level up. Then celebrate the milestones as your team advances toward mastery.

skill IQ

Dive into the data

Gain visibility into who has what skills and enable technologists to learn the skills most related to your top priorities. Then track progress with insights into skill development over time to ensure your org is prepared to deliver on key initiatives—all with quantified, assessment-backed data you can trust.

Dive into the data
Pluralsigt + Aveva
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Value with Pluralsight reaches across the board for us. On one project alone, we saved over 20,000£ over more traditional training courses,” says Graham Dalton, VP of Product Development. “Even more importantly than the cost savings is our ability to scale it across the business.”

Graham Dalton
VP of Product Development, AVEVA

How you’ll empower your teams


Master the most in-demand skills

Thousands of on-demand, expert-led courses and the ability to learn at your preferred pace help you close skills gaps and keep your tech talent. 

learning paths

Support your team’s upskilling efforts

Curated learning paths guide learners who aren’t sure where to start, or where to go next, and deliver them safely, and skillfully, to their destination.


Put new skills into (risk-free) practice

Hands-on Labs provide a secure, real-world environment to practice skills—no download or installation required—and mitigate risk to your org’s systems.

Our solutions

Face the future with confidence

And with the skills and engineering insights to thrive. Our solutions enable tech teams to navigate digital trends and customer needs that continue to shift at lightning speed. Implement one (or more) and you’ll transform your technology workforce—one developer, one delivery, one success at a time.

Upskilling & reskilling

Build outcome-oriented skill development programs that prepare teams for your mission-critical projects and build your reputation as an employer of choice.

Cloud transformation

Overcome complex cloud challenges, build top cloud talent from within, become cloud native, and connect cloud skill development and certifications to your objectives.

Tech fluency

Remove knowledge barriers, increase collaboration, and accelerate every touchpoint to technology with an all-new end-to-end tech fluency solution.

Engineering onboarding

Get new engineering hires to full productivity—and contributing to your business results—faster and without bogging down the team.

Software delivery

Empower software delivery teams to ship reliable, scalable, secure code on time by ensuring teams work together effectively and have the right data-driven insights and skills.

Agile transformation

Get real insight into how your Agile journey is progressing and how you can empower your development team to continuously improve.

Talent mobility

Create your own internal talent pipeline with analytics on employee proficiency—by role and skill—and reports that highlight impact and efficiency.

Distributed & remote teams

Mitigate burnout and reduce cycle times with the visibility and tools to develop skills and fix workflow gaps for distributed teams.

Opportunity Academies

Access an academy tailored to your unique circumstances. Source and develop the talent you need and benefit from the breadth of experience diversity brings.

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AWS cloud

by David Tucker

estimated duration1h 24m difficultyBeginner

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The Big Picture background image

by Barry Luijbregts

estimated duration1h 28m difficultyBeginner

C# fundamentals background image

by Scott Allen

estimated duration6h 5m difficultyBeginner


Plans & pricing

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Upskill with our core course library, paths, and skill assessments
Monthly Yearly
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Standard includes:

  • Limited core library of 5,000 courses
  • Skill and Role assessments
  • Curated learning paths and channels


Access our entire library of core and expanded courses, exams, projects, and interactive courses
Monthly Yearly
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Includes everything in Standard and more:

  • Access to full library of 7,000+ courses, including advanced content, niche topics, and recordings of past tech conferences
  • Hands-on content and coding projects
  • Certification exam prep for industry-leading certifications
  • Coding challenges