Major technology changes are coming. How will healthcare companies cope?

Are you ready for the technology updates coming in 2016?

You know that big technology changes are underway. From growing adoption of enterprise cloud services to big data analysis, technologies are changing faster than ever. But do you know exactly how the technology you use will change over the next 12-16 months? Are you tracking changes to the certifications you rely on to keep your team up to date?

Pluralsight’s futurists stay on top of all of these changes—and more. So we asked them to outline the biggest updates expected this year in a new guide written specifically for senior leaders who want to get ahead of the curve. 

In this brief, but informative guide, you’ll learn:

  • How Java, Angular and other programming languages and frameworks are changing—and exactly what changes you’ll need to prepare for in 2016
  • The expected updates to server technologies and certifications, and how IT teams are adjusting to the new parameters
  • What smart healthcare companies are looking for in new job candidates today

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