The AI ethics strategy guide

Develop AI guidelines for your org with the help of
this report from Gartner

Once relegated to science fiction literature and film, the future of AI for business is now upon us in a very real way — as are the ethical questions it poses. As AI technology improves rapidly, are your machine learning, software development and data professionals considering its impact at the same pace?

From software vendors to industry and government groups, there are many schools of thought on what constitutes “good” and “bad” AI. As you work to reach common ground on ethical guidelines within your organization, it’s important to follow best practices and work toward the goal of coding ethical guidelines into AI-enabled systems.

This guide from Gartner will walk you through how to operationalize AI ethics in your organization.

Gartner, AI Ethics: Use 5 Common Guidelines as Your Starting Point, 11 July 2019, Frank Buytendijk, Svetlana Sicular, Erick Brethenoux, Jim Hare

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